We offer all investment products and services that an investor could be searching for: investment loans, self-directed plans, banking services and transactions, investment funds, exempt products, and private management mandates.

Our firm is specialized in advanced financial planning, is equipped to manage above-average assets and fully capable of protecting business people and families competently. Compared to the majority of institutions and firms, Excel Private Wealth advisors put their fiduciary duty to practice. We do not seek to impose solutions or suitable products but rather seek products and services that are best adapted to our clientele’s reality. That distinction is only possible when everything has been put in place to avoid potential conflict of interest situations. Excel private wealth offers all of the solutions that most major financial and international brands do.

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Excel private wealth is authorized to practice in diverse financial service categories.

As a group savings firm, we offer the vast majority of mutual investment funds and private mandate shares on the market. Including products from the major Canadian banks.

As a scholarship broker, we offer shares in scholarship plans that are eligible for RESPs (registered education savings plans). Our right to trade in exempt markets means that we can offer investments to qualified investors (institutional investors or persons holding significant assets) or securities subject to a prospectus exemption.

As a financial planning firm, we help our clients to conceive their financial plans. We support our clients in the creation of an action plan that is adapted to their needs and takes their constraints and objectives into account. Our financial planners are registered with the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF).

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